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New BLL Zale by SpiderRen New BLL Zale by SpiderRen
Full Name: Zale Zipactonal
Meaning/pronunciation: Zipactonal [ z - pact - da - nal ] (Harmonic light )
Kingdom: Galian
Gender: Tom ( Male)
Age: 1 year
Rank/Job: Heir to the Throne

 Description:   Zale is a thin long legged Maincoon with distinctive fur patches. His dark brown fur blends in with the mud among the Galian kingdom, although his bleach blonde markings that are along his body make it hard to blend in. Most cats have never seen Zale’s eyes due to the white blonde head fur that stops just at his nose but for those have had seen them, they are a pale green and have lost most of their pigment, they give off a look that of a copses eyes.  This is most likely the reason he covers them and lets his fur blind him.  Despite his already dark brown fur it consists of even darker brown spots that run along his front paws, back, hind legs, tail and his distinctive freckles along his face. At the end of his tail is the same white blonde color, as well as his ear tuffs, the marking across his chest and his nose flank.  Although he is a Maincoon, he’s not that big in fact other than being taller he is average sized. Has a lighter brown color that stretches from his chest to the end of his stomach.  Even though he is supposed to be standing tall and proud, keeping correct posture like a proper High Councilor in training … He couldn't be more opposite. Slouching, walking in jagged paths and keeping his head lowered giving off a relaxing vibe, is normally what this cat does most of the time, in fact because he slouches so much he looks smaller then he really is.  Although his posture makes him seem like a relaxing, easy to talk to guy, which he is … but he’s supposed to be regal and strong looking, and often time is scolded for his posture. His posture's not the only thing, his long fur is always fluffed up and spiking every where, it almost is never matted down unless he is forced to when going to a meeting or event, even then its not him doing it most likely his care giver Nitya. His Heartstone is a deep blue showing his caster breed, on a fine leather stretch, attached to this is orange beads, Though hating to wear it, his Formal Heir attire is a long blueish green scarf wrapped around it is a pure sliver chain, and then end of it sliver and dark blue gems.  

 Personality:   Zale is very relaxed and laid back, to the point it makes others around him loosen up. Even his speech is slower than most and gives off an airy tone. Many tend to think of him as dense and idiotic because of his speech, movement and even gestures, but they couldn't be more wrong. In fact Zale has got to be one of the smartest cats among his kingdom and often time he is studying up on history, facts and rules about all three of the kingdoms. Not only is this guy book smart, but people smart as well, he can often times sense emotions even if a cat is not showing them, this can come in handy when he needs to keep his mouth shut during fights and tension among the cats. Zale is able to learn quickly through seeing and reading and has a very good memory, his wit allows him to pick up on examples and try them out himself making it easier for him to learn even the most difficult of moves with enough practice. Although Zale is relatively a nice guy, he can be VERY disrespectful to not only the other High councilors but the Kingdoms in general. Traditions and ‘proper’ ways mean nothing to him and often time is talking down on them. Despite being Heir to the throne, Politics bore him, not because he doesn't get the topic, just because its relatively boring and when Zale is bored he gets snarky, this is often times when he says something disrespectful. Zale has no regard for ranking, for example he will often address a High Councilor the same way as he would address a Stoneless or Non-gifted, with ‘bro’ or some other distasteful term. His disrespect isn't out of spite, or him trying to be rude it’s just the way he is and often time his lack of courtesy will get him into trouble. Although his ‘go with the flow’ attitude can be rather relaxing and nice it can get annoying for others, and often times because of his overly optimistic views he’s not taken seriously. Despite this vibe he gives off, he will say what he wants, when he wants, to who he wants and even if ridiculed for what he had said, will almost never feel regret for it. Zale’s often an easy to talk to guy he judges based on personality and traits more than appearance and status. Although this can change, if he knows a cat has valuable information that he wants or needs, he can be EXTREMELY nosy to the point he’s more like integrator then a friend and often times will drive the cats away from the topic, despite his persistent. Many see him more as a relaxed, nonchalant, ditz then as an authority figure and the sad part is Zale is just fine with that. 

Kin: to be updated 

Has a slight accent, very slight can only be heard in certain words.
Prefers to fly around instead of actually walking 
HATES lectures, especially from Invadam

  Powers/Abilities:   To be updated.

  Role-play Example:   To be updated.
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ScarletteGoddess Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
SpiderRen Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Lilproject Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
His tooth heartstone is amazing!! Super super super creative! And oh my gosh... his pale eye color... O.O
I can understand how some wouldn't take him seriously with his fur always over his eyes, but to those who have seen his eyes, he must be a heartthrob. XD
SpiderRen Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer

This comment, Plus all your comments thank you so much ^^!
Lilproject Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013
D'aww, thank you. ^-^'
wakaz Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
SpiderRen Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
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